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Atchin Tan Glastonbury 2024

Thank you all for making Atchin Tan at Glastonbury such a vibrant and memorable event! Your enthusiasm for the music, art and discussions brought our area to life. 

Thanks to all the visitors who joined us to enjoy our space, taking the time to learn more about some of the issues our communities face and to show solidarity.

A special thanks to our incredible speakers, musicians, artists and wider crew.
We hope to see you again next year. 

Until then, stay connected and keep the spirit alive!


Our Traveller Awareness Campaign area at Glastonbury Festival brings together the myriad of communities, with music, storytelling and talks with Romany, Irish Traveller, Traveller and Roma culture.

The Atchin Tan is named in honour of the now almost extinct traditional resting places and park-ups which Britain’s nomadic people have used for generations.

Come and find us at the Bow Top Wagon tower at the top of the Theatre and Circus field.

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At Atchin Tan, we’re excited to present a vibrant programme of talks, music and art. Join us to hear renowned Traveller musicians, including Thomas McCarthy, Trish Reilly, Martin Furey, FFTP, Bob Knight and Brewer’s Daughter.

Come and hear from award winning author and journalist Damian Le Bas, bringing the stories of the road to life. With Billy Welch and Dr. Sindy Joyce exploring the history of Romany Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities. Also joining us are Traveller Pride to discuss the experiences of LGBTQ+ Gypsies and Travellers, and you can hear from Turner-prize short lister Delaine Le Bas, and photographer Bela Varadi, sharing their work and inspirations.

Grab yourself a coffee and join us for our morning films slots, where the Atchin Tan will showcase some of Travellers’ Times excellent short films.

Join us around the fire and amongst our beautiful wagons!



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